How I Got My First 2000 Twitter Followers, in Just 3 Days!

in Follower is a mini-social network where you can keep in touch with your followers constantly.

To get the ball rolling, I went to Twitter and set up an account.

Making a good bio is important, it should be catchy, mysterious and inviting. Your bio is your first introduction to others and you want them to find you interesting.

Here is my bio:


Fireman Joe, skier, Husband, Father of 2, Online business Owner, Killer 4-squares player, Poker Loser, Affiliate Manager since 1996.


I get replies from people asking what 4-squares is..

The point is, list your hobbies, your work, make it catchy, and people will want to follow you.

Background design is important. You can have one designed for a fee, or use any of the ones supplied by Twitter, but at least do change it, do not use the default one.

Next, you need to find some followers. These are the people you will send tweets (messages) to.

The best way to do that, is to begin following others because once you follow others, if they like your bio, they will follow you back. The whole concept is based on mutual exchange.

You could just follow anyone, but it is best to find like minded individuals, others with interests aligned with yours to follow, as they will be more responsive to your tweets.

To find others with similar interests, I used the Twitter search tool found here.

I clicked on Advanced and typed in my keywords.

Your keywords might be gardening, bungee, internet marketing or scuba but what ever it is, it will find others, who have used those words in their bios or tweets, and you can click them and follow them. The next important thing is to also follow their followers. Let me explain..

I did a search for 'Lakers Basketball'. I breezed through a few results and found 'sbnbasketball' is a user who posts a fair bit about basketball. I noticed he has 500+ followers.

I clicked his followers list and began following them also. I did this, because 'sbnbasketball' has done the work of finding individuals interested in basketball for me. They already follow 'sbnbasketball' and 'sbnbasketball' tweets about b-ball. Makes sense to follow his followers.

Repeat this process a few times and in no time, you will be following 1000 users, which is a Twitter limit, until the followers catch up. You will see your Twitter following begin to explode.

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How a guy with no knowledge of Twitter, hit over 2000 followers in less than a week, and you can too! By Kevin Needham

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How I Got My First 2000 Twitter Followers, in Just 3 Days!

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This article was published on 2010/04/01