More Twitter Followers Versus More Web Traffic

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Is it possible to capture targeted web traffic or targeted Twitter followers with the continuous growth of Internet users and social network sites? Do you know there are over 1.6 billion Internet users in the world today? And it is growing by the second.

With the explosion of social media, the focus for many online users is to tap into these heavy traffic communities to build a following. The question is this: How much viable time should one put into growing followers?

Per Twitterholic Top 25 Twitter users, here are the top five:

Top 5

1. CNN Breaking News - 614,003 (followers)
2. President Barack Obama - 542,313 (followers)
3. Britney Spears - 518,638 (followers)
4. Twitter - 502,210 (followers)
5. Ashton Kutcher - 452,872 (followers)

These are some extraordinary numbers. When it comes to book marketing and internet marketing it still remains the same, traffic generation. The percentage of web traffic generated from the social media giant Twitter varies from one user to the next. People fall prey to many of the daily new ploys that promises more Twitter followers by the truckloads.

- 400 Free Followers a day
- New Tool to Get More Twitter Followers
- 250 New Followers in a day
- Become a Member and Get Tons of Traffic
- 1,000 Followers in 2 Days

What many fail to take account of is the lack of targeted Twitter followers. Let's say you are a romance author and you want more followers: How do you engage each of your followers to really determine if they are fans of romance literature? Maybe they follow you with hopes you will follow them in return.

It is as though many have lost or never gained the true premise of being online, traffic - targeted traffic. The internet is the fastest growing vehicle today. It has afforded too many the ability to be able to achieve some extraordinary successes. It is those who recognize that targeted traffic, which means capturing the attention of those who want, need, and desire your product or service, is the pivotal element to being online.

Today, many entrepreneurs, authors, and small businesses must take time to find where their true target audience can be found across the World Wide Web.

Sometimes Twitter can be a place where you have just finished networking and you are wondering what to do with all of those business cards.

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More Twitter Followers Versus More Web Traffic

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This article was published on 2010/03/30